How it works

When you use RE.P to Buy/Sell your next home we will take 25% of our proceeds and donate them to a charity of your choice. You can choose a nonprofit organization you desire to send your gift to. Their will be a PDF that we will email to you directly.

Designate Your Charity

At closing we designate your charitable deduction. This how we can track and make sure your charity gets paid. You determine your charity and we reach out your behalf to make a contribution on your behalf.

Your Donation

We chose to have our clients choose their own local charity. We do have a list of charities that have been chosen. We can collect the monies at closing at submit them to your favorite charity.

The selection couldn't be clearer or purchase from anyone else thanks! the store. Thank you! 

Matt Bindors

We highly recommend and very professional a big thanks to use. Lovely work and fast!

Rebecca Jenkins

We got to work with my purchase the team was the best talent ever!

Sylvian Mastrich


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We would love to help you get started through the process of buying or selling your next property. Let's schedule a time to meet or if you just have some questions.

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